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The site blog is where you can find updates about the site itself.

New Photos rss

The following cars have had photos added in the past week (one photo of each below, click for more):

18 November 2014:

17 November 2014:


New Video

The following cars have had video added in the past week:

No new video was found.

If you find embeddable video that can be identified as a particular chassis, send us a link to it.

New Cars rss

These cars have been added to the database in the past week:

picturesModelYearCar #EngineGearboxBodyBuild DateCurrent ColorConditionSeen
Tuesday, 18 November 2014
picturesS1 LHD 4.2 2+21968 1E75596BW     Silver Awaiting Rest. 2014 United States
picturesS2 LHD 4.2 OTS1969 1R90597R4944-9 KE6309 4R3258 10  April 1969 Black Nice Driver 2014 United States
picturesS1 LHD 4.2 2+21967 1E771477E52794-9 EJS12686 4E52910 8  February 1967 Silver Modified 2014 United Kingdom
picturesS1 LHD 3.8 OTS1962 877228R5318-9 EB4451JSO R3782   Opalescent Silver Grey Rest: Nice 2014 France
 S1 LHD 4.2 OTS1967 1E121727E7115-9 EJ6224 4E3609 8  December 1965  Awaiting Rest. 2014 
 S1 LHD 4.2 FHC1965 1E317727E5642-9 EJ4654 4E22738 10  September 1965  Awaiting Rest. 2014 Netherlands
 S2 LHD 4.2 FHC1969 1R26137  4R21355   Carmen Red Modified 2014 United States

Updated Cars rss

These cars have had their "dataplate" information updated in the past week:

picturesModelYearCar #EngineGearboxBodyBuild DateCurrent ColorConditionSeen
Tuesday, 18 November 2014
picturesS1 LHD 3.8 FHC1962 885637R4128-9 EB3238JS V1896 February 1962  Work In Progress  Denmark
picturesS1 LHD 3.8 OTS1964 881824RA7412-9 EB15508JS 8764 7  June 1964 Dark Green Awaiting Rest. 2014 Australia
 S3 RHD 5.3 2+21971 1S500237S1523SB KL118  12  November 1970 Bright Red Work In Progress 2014 New Zealand
 S1 LHD 3.8 FHC1963 888883RA2587-9 EB10737JS V6103 19  June 1963 Opalescent Silver Grey Exc. Original 2014 Netherlands
picturesS2 LHD 4.2 2+21970 1R44266BW7R40177-9  4R40251 June 1970 White Nice Driver 2013 Lebanon
picturesS3 LHD 5.3 OTS1974 UE1S255907116746 LA  4S8416 May 1974 Silver Nice Driver 2014 United States
picturesS1 LHD 3.8 OTS1964 880090RA3462-9 EB11618JS R6868   Black Rest: Concours 2014 United States
picturesS2 LHD 4.2 2+21969 1R415447R35632-9 KJS1053 4R36788   Bright Red Nice Driver 2014 United States
picturesS1 LHD 3.8 OTS1962 878256R7827-9  R4868   Light Blue Work In Progress 2014 United States
picturesS2 LHD 4.2 FHC1969 1R264377R5480-9 KE6904 4R21725   Pale Primrose Rest: Nice 2014 United States
picturesS1 LHD 3.8 OTS1964 881193RA5882-9 EB14030JS R8047   Pale Primrose Rest: Nice 2014 United States
picturesS3 LHD 5.3 OTS1974 1S250497S16443     Old English White Nice Driver 2011 United States
picturesS1 RHD 3.8 OTS1962 850508R4882-9     Carmen Red Rest: Concours 2014 China
picturesS2 LHD 4.2 2+21969 1R406797R36010-9 311023 4R35811   Warwick Grey Work In Progress 2014 United States
 S3 RHD 5.3 OTS1974 1S28517S15247SA 16155 4S8847 10  June 1974 Black Rest: Nice 2014 Ireland

Comments on Cars rss

New comments added to cars on the site this week:

23 November 2014:

22 November 2014:

21 November 2014:

20 November 2014:

19 November 2014:

18 November 2014:

17 November 2014:

New Comments on Other Site Content

New comments added on other site content this week:

No comments on other content this week.

New Owners

The following folks added themselves as owners this week:

Jamie Weiss
Owns: 1R40679  

Updated November 18th, 2014. Not legal proof of ownership.


Kris Gamble
Owns: 1E14246  
Purchased xk150 in 1986 in pieces following 1973 purchase and dissassembly by PO. Restoration complete for first JCNA Concours in 1995.\\r\\nStarted EType restoration in 2011.

Updated November 21st, 2014. Not legal proof of ownership.