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New Photos rss

The following cars have had photos added in the past week (one photo of each below, click for more):

24 July 2015:


New Video

The following cars have had video added in the past week:

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New Cars rss

These cars have been added to the database in the past week:

picturesModelYearCar #EngineGearboxBodyBuild DateCurrent ColorConditionSeen
Friday, 24 July 2015
 S2 LHD 4.2 FHC1970 1R282437R129979-9      Exc. Original  Australia
picturesS1.5 LHD 4.2 OTS1968 1E17440     Mostly Rust Awaiting Rest. 2015 United States
picturesS1 LHD 4.2 FHC1966 1E327567E8593-9 EJ7755 4E24109   Primer Work In Progress 2015 United States
 S3 LHD 5.3 2+21973 UD1S73902      Awaiting Rest. 2015 United States
 S1 LHD 3.8 FHC1962 887217R8258-8  887217   Opalescent Gunmetal Exc. Original 2015 Switzerland
picturesS1 LHD 4.2 FHC1965 1E310887E4106-9 4E21796 EJ3137   Bright Red Awaiting Rest. 2015 United States
picturesS2 LHD 4.2 OTS1969 1R7140     Pale Primrose Nice Driver 2015 United States
picturesS2 LHD 4.2 FHC1970 P1R278237R11087-9 KE12403 4R23526   Old English White Scruffy Driver 2015 Netherlands
picturesS2 LHD 4.2 FHC1969 1R263397R5571-9 KE6498 4R21616   Opalescent Silver Grey Nice Driver 2015 Netherlands
picturesS1 RHD 4.2 2+21967 1E508217E53070-9 EJS13631 4E53077   Bright Red Rest: Nice 2015 United Kingdom
picturesS2 LHD 4.2 2+21970 1R434327R 39199     Signal Red Nice Driver 2015 United Kingdom
picturesS3 RHD 5.3 OTS1972 1S13827S4663SA KL1804 4S1955 May 1972 Silver Exc. Original 2015 United Kingdom
picturesS1.5 LHD 4.2 2+21968 1E79184BW     Silver Exc. Original 2015 United States
picturesS1 LHD 3.8 FHC1964 888900RA2636-9 EB10244JS V6038   Old English White Awaiting Rest. 2015 United States
picturesS2 LHD 4.2 OTS1969 1R101427R6422-9 KE7499 4R4445 4  August 1969 Dark Blue Rest: Nice 2015 United States
picturesS2 LHD 4.2 OTS1971 P2R14595   30  August 1970 Black Rest: Nice 2015 United States
picturesS2 LHD 4.2 OTS1969 1R8914     Carmen Red Work In Progress 2015 United States
 S3 RHD 5.3 OTS 1S1092  4S1109      
picturesS2 LHD 4.2 OTS1970 1R136297R12543-9 KE13547 4R8165   Regency Red Rest: Nice 2015 United States
picturesS1 LHD 4.2 OTS1967 1E14614     Opalescent Dark Green Exc. Original 2015 United States
picturesS2 LHD 4.2 FHC1969 1R268307R7123-9 KE8400 4R22270 September 1969 Dark Red Nice Driver 2015 Netherlands
picturesS2 LHD 4.2 FHC1969 1R266507R6492-9 KE7354 4R22027   Bright Red Nice Driver 2015 Netherlands
picturesS2 LHD 4.2 FHC1970 P1R27388     Dark Red Awaiting Rest. 2015 Netherlands
picturesS1 LHD 4.2 OTS1966 1E130747E9138-9 EJ8739 4E4672   Dark Blue Rest: Nice 2015 United States

Updated Cars rss

These cars have had their "dataplate" information updated in the past week:

picturesModelYearCar #EngineGearboxBodyBuild DateCurrent ColorConditionSeen
Friday, 24 July 2015
picturesS2 LHD 4.2 FHC1969 1R26411   28  May 1969 British Racing Green Awaiting Rest. 2015 Netherlands
picturesS1 LHD 3.8 OTS1961 875976R2455-9 EB1552JS R227   Carmen Red Rest: Nice 2015 United Kingdom
picturesS2 LHD 4.2 FHC1970 1R27742     Opalescent Silver Blue Rest: Nice 2015 United Kingdom
picturesS2 LHD 4.2 FHC1971 P2R281337R12692-9 KE13975 4R23989 6  May 1970 British Racing Green Work In Progress 2015 United States
picturesS3 RHD 5.3 OTS1974 1S2772BW7S15430SA 22563 4S7619 7  February 1974 Signal Red Nice Driver 2015 United Kingdom
picturesS1 LHD 4.2 FHC1966 1E324207E7367-9 EJ6418 4E23588 22  December 1965 Opalescent Silver Grey Rest: Nice 2015 United States
picturesS1.5 LHD 4.2 2+21968 1E791787E5553-9 KJS676 AE55562   Dark Blue  2015 United States
picturesS1 LHD 4.2 OTS1965 1E103457E1628-9 EJ1088 4E1402   Carmen Red Exc. Original 2015 United States
picturesS1 RHD 4.2 FHC1965 1E201997E2325-9 EJ144 4E20746  1965 Bright Red Rest: Concours 2015 United Kingdom
picturesS1 LHD 3.8 OTS1961 875400R1523-9 EB631JS R1547 25  August 1961 Cotswold Blue Rest: Concours 2015 Canada
picturesS1 LHD 3.8 FHC1961 885006R1012-9  V1006   Opalescent Silver Grey Unknown  
picturesS1 LHD 3.8 OTS1962 878271R7967-9 EB7104JS R4762 4  October 1962 Opalescent Silver Grey Rest: Nice 2015 Canada
picturesS1.5 LHD 4.2 OTS1968 1E183227E18142-9 KE2049 4E10532 8  July 1968 Bright Yellow Nice Driver 2015 United States
picturesS1 RHD 3.8 OTS1961 850110     Carmen Red Nice Driver 2015 Switzerland
picturesS3 RHD 5.3 OTS1974 1S2084BW7S12640SA   2  August 1973 Silver Nice Driver 2004 United Kingdom
picturesS1 LHD 3.8 OTS1962 878174R7655-9 EB6459JS R4789   Bright Red Rest: Nice 2005 United States
picturesS2 RHD 4.2 FHC1971 1R210337R141989     Signal Red Rest: Nice 2015 United Kingdom
picturesS2 LHD 4.2 OTS1970 1R132657R11872-9   April 1970 Old English White Nice Driver 2015 United Kingdom
picturesS3 LHD 5.3 OTS1974 1S251507S15747LA 23135 4S7982   Signal Red Rest: Nice 2015 United States
picturesS1 RHD 3.8 OTS1963 850648R7199-9 EB6024JS R5551 17  January 1963 Opalescent Dark Blue Modified 2015 United Kingdom
picturesS2 LHD 4.2 FHC1970 2R28487     Grey Rest: Nice 2015 Germany

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29 July 2015:

28 July 2015:

27 July 2015:

26 July 2015:

25 July 2015:

24 July 2015:

New Comments on Other Site Content

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New Owners

The following folks added themselves as owners this week:

Percy M
Owns: 1S2325BW  
I first owned this car @ 1974 but being in the motor trade ran it on (general)trade plates. I then bought it back in 2006 not realising it was the same vehicle for a while as I have owned several XKE's over the years.

Updated July 27th, 2015. Not legal proof of ownership.


Stan Scharosch
Owns: UE1S26078  

Updated July 26th, 2015. Not legal proof of ownership.