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 3.8 Jaguar E-Type Opalescent Dark Blue
 Fixed Head Coupe Red
 Left Hand Drive 
   Jaguar Cars, New York
 888401 10 April 1963
 V5552 Long Beach
 EB9351JS Mississipi
 21 March 1963 United States
 1963 Opalescent Silver Blue
 Exc. Original 
 Other Jaguar Manchester
 C 29040 F 
 5 Speed 
United KingdomUnited Kingdom

United Kingdom4264WK

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Record Creation: Entered on 19 October 2006.

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Originality: Noted for being in "original condition"


Heritage Notes

Registered: 4264 WKOriginal owner, W. Herron Jr MD. Original reg. no. 4264 WK. Car retains this number back in the uk where it has been rebodied OTS and semi lightweight race car

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2006-10-19 07:05:24  |  Peter Reece writes:

According to the JDHT heritage certificate, W. Herron Jr MD was the orginal owner and I would appreciate any information of the man who I believe was Woodie Herron, or his family. If anyone can help with the histor if this car before it arrived back in the UK as 'a bag of bits.' Does anyone have the original 3.8 engine or gearbox

2007-04-16 02:08:29  |  Peter Reece writes:

Hi, Three months ago I tracked down the original FHC tub V5552 and a total restoration is nearing completion.

It will be re-united with the car, hopefully by June.

2007-05-17 08:17:26  |  pauls writes:

Peter, just saw it in the April issue of The E-type magazine!! It looks beautiful even in its raw state. 3 months is pretty ambitious!!

2013-11-19 11:13:42  |  daniel harris writes:

hate to burst a lightweights bubble with jaguar history , but at best this is a copy as body number v5552 is sunning its self in sandiago as we speak , as the link down below shows , perhaps its not that easy anymore to reproduce a cars provenance from an old photo.


2013-11-21 05:32:46  |  Anonymous writes:

Have followed up the links in the above and they have caused some great concern , this car is clearly a fake or copy a re-creation? a heritage certificate was issued for the car in 2001 to a gentle man in the uk claiming to have the full car at his adresss , yet the dvla records show that a v5 was issued on 20 11 2006 when it was imported into the uk, on the 19 10 2006 Peter Reece states at the top of this blog it had already arrived in the uk "as a bag of bits" how big was this bag you may ask? and can the bag travel back through time ?

2013-11-21 05:53:41  |  Anonymous writes:

in an article dated april 07 in the e type club mag refered to by paul in this blog, Peter Rhees claims to have relieved a "canny Yorkshire man" of the origional tub v5552 for £750!!!! what a stroke of luck that was (for the yourkshire man) as there is no record of v5552 retuning to the uk from Sandiago it was a "barn find" well the Yorkshire man must not have had much of a memory as it must only have been there two months according to the dates in this blog. no sorry a wk plate for an xke is the holy grail of plates and this car is not the car 888401 chassis number, future victims bewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2013-11-21 06:32:31  |  Anonymous writes:

clearly a fake !!!!!! and a discrace to jaguar ,and its racing heritage .lets hope this "bag of bits" never gets on a race track or even worsea sale room !!!!

2013-12-15 15:29:12  |  Richard writes:

This car should be on a "q' plate if the above comments are to be believed , the pictures in the articles don't show any proof of the numbers being present as claimed and the manner mr Reece found the original body v5552 would have been interesting to hear , how close was the body found to where he lives , how did he track it, all questions that need answering , may bee he would welcome the chance to put the records straight , cant understand how dvla issued a document in the first place without a body number engine number etc , unless he just found an old log book.

2013-12-15 15:46:56  |  Richard writes:

Sorry just noticed that the car is in manchester now so that answers my question of how far the body was found from where he lives , may bee best if someone contacts him in order for him to set things straight

2014-06-26 05:43:30  |  Peter Reece writes:

The comments of Daniel Harris, the subject of a British Police Harassment Order, and those of 'Anonymous' are total fiction which the paperwork of this car, the DVLA records, import certificate and the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust certificate prove beyond doubt. Due to an administrative error, the Sandiago car refered to
www.xkedata.com/cars/detail/ did once declare a body number V5552 but this has now been corrected after consulation with JDHT

2014-09-21 17:48:30  |  Anonymous writes:

Buyers watch out

2014-09-22 04:19:00  |  Fred writes:

This car ... not the identity, came from the E-Type Race Company in Yorkshire. This car was built with mostly new parts in early 2001 from a new bodyshell supplied by Martin Robey. A journalist blew up the Rob Beere supplied engine due to a sticking throttle at Croft Circuit. Subsequently the car was then sold on to Fred Cliffe minus engine without an identity.

2014-09-22 05:46:26  |  Daniel writes:

thanks Fred, then it should be on on a "q" plate then and the article about how he found the tub in Yorkshire is fiction? just like the "British police harassment order"
true there was some history when he quoted £1500 to restore a Morris 1000 convertible for a mutual friend then kept the car after he could t pay the £12,000 demand five weeks later , nice work if you can get it .

2014-09-28 16:38:11  |  Daniel writes:

I now have pictures of this exact car in croft circuit taken in 2001 for some unknown reason not displaying the prised WK plate on it , dvla records show it as being re-imported in 2006 , and then allocated its "original" WK plate ,this goes to show how easy it is to hoodwink the dvla into issuing a log book for a car that was built in 2001 from new parts , the car is nice but not a genuine car by a long shot, anyone with any info please message me through xke data

2014-10-04 06:43:33  |  daniel writes:

Thank you everyone for the E mails you have no idea how much it means to me, I have uploaded pictures forwarded to me of this car in the E type experience brochure taken in 2001 , and will upload more taken as the car was in build, this car as i have said from day one should be on a q plate and undergo a full sva test , i have forwarded all your e mails and pictures on to the Police and the DVLA fraud office , i am working on an article for the E Type magasine detailing all my findings with pictures and proof i guarantee it will be a great "pragmatic" read for everyone ... well may bee not everyone. Danny

2014-10-22 15:59:36  |  Anonymous writes:

I just found a photo of an E-Tyoe clearly displaying the no. 4262 WK, taken at Trafford Park, but strangely however is that this car is a FHC not a OTS. The car has outside bonnet handles, no bumpers (looks to be used for racing), and what looks like a widened rear arch. I strongly doubt this is the same car as the above, converted from an OTS to a FHC, unlikely.

2014-10-27 11:54:31  |  Anonymous writes:

Thank you Mr Anonymous posted 22/10 , the above picture showing a ots is what Mr Reece used as a donor vehicle to re body his " lightweight racer" into its "original body" despite having already had DVLA issue a v5 for 4264WK. His article in the E Type magazine April 2007 calling it "son of 4264 WK" is very convincing as you would expect from an ex journalist but is floored in so many ways , predominantly that the car shown above was effectively a kit car produced for the E type race company new in 2001 ( worryingly there were eight cars built for them, so where are they now). there is nothing on this car from 4264WK even the picture frame containing the chassis number in Mr Reece`s own pictures is thicker and larger than the original, and the fairy tail that he has now tracked down the original body is very hard to believe .

2014-10-27 12:05:41  |  Daniel writes:

sorry i did`nt mean to omit my name from the above post

2014-10-28 04:52:48  |  db writes:

As of today the DVLA website lists this car as road tax next due: 1st October 2015. And MOT due 16th January 2015, and having a 4.2 engine.

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