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 3.8 Jaguar E-Type Opalescent Dark Blue
 Fixed Head Coupe Dark Blue
 Left Hand Drive 
 1962 Opalescent Dark Blue
 2022 Biscuit
 Rest: Concours 
  Los Angeles
United StatesUnited States
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Record Creation: Entered on 22 January 2004.

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2004-01-22 00:06:31 | Lofty writes:

Info gathered with permission from:

In 1991, this car was reported to be located n California.

2004-09-29 20:50:33 | pauls writes:

This car was mentioned in the June '99 issue of Jaguar World magazine in an article written by Paul Skilleter. Paul quotes Mark Miller of Los Altos, CA; "885013 and 885018 have left my collection to join 885008, the eighth LHD coupe, in (Mike) Mueller's growing collection of intersting early 'E's." He mentions Mike Mueller lives in Texas, USA.

2005-12-29 00:47:37 | Christian Platt writes:

The is for sale in germany, where it used for races ...

2006-01-02 11:07:24 | wagstefan writes:

Hi, it would be interesting to know, if Mike Mueller claims also to own 885013 as it would be worth to know for any interested in buying 885013 (I would, if I could - do not want to sell 875521 and 875268)
Also have digged out 885017 which is in good usable condition. For any who might be interested!

2006-01-17 06:34:49 | wagstefan writes:

Sorry, could someone ask Mike Mueller to contact me by email over the site here? I am thinking forth and back regarding 885013 but would need to have clarity first.


2006-02-09 21:20:56 | Anonymous writes:

Thanks for alerting me to the exixtance of a second 885013. Having owned many early e types (currently 885008,885009,885013,885018,ex Sir Gwaine Ballie 850008and 1s200001), 885013 exhibits all of the unique features found on early coupes. It is a complete car with matching number body,trans,dataplate,front subframe and block.I really don't question its authenticity. Again thanks for the tip. Michael Mueller 1-512-478-7428

2006-08-21 02:52:33 | Lofty writes:

Jaguar E-Type Serie 1: Der 13. jemals gebaute Jaguar S1 LHD (left hand drive)
(13th LHD car built) aus dem Baujahr 1961. Dieses Fahrzeug wurde 1989 von der Firma Starke aus den Vereinigten Staaten importiert und zum Rennwagen umgearbeitet.

This car was imorted from The USA in 1989 and converted to a racing car by the Starke company.

In der darauf folgenden Zeit wurde an verschiedenen Oldtimerveranstaltungen mit dem Fahrzeug teilgenommen.

Since that time the car has taken part in various Classic events.

Seit nunmehr ca. fünf Jahren steht das Fahrzeug so, wie es vom letzten Renner abgestellt wurde.

Been stood for about five years in the condition it finished the last race.

Das Fahrzeug ist selbstverständlich für Rennstrecke nach wie vor tauglich.

The car is obviously in race trim and would need very little work to get race-ready.

2006-08-22 16:19:31 | michael mueller writes:

My name is Mike Mueller from Austin Texas 512 478 7428. I purchased 885013 from Mark Miller a noted early car collector approx 6 years ago.The car is complete with body,body tag, front subframe with 885013 stamped on it , vin plate(original) . The early coupes had a number of small difference in the constucton of the tub some of the changes were gone by 885018. This car exhibits all of the early coupe differences. I know this because it sits next to 885008,885009,885018 . I must therefore assume that unless the factory made two 885013 which is unlikely the car in germany is a fake. I will provide documentation and photos to those people interested. Thanks Michael Mueller(

2006-08-23 21:02:05 | Roger writes:

Mike's ownership seems beyond question. Not that this is a legal venue. Anyone been in touch with the German owner? I'm wondering if this is simply a typo on the eBay ad.

2006-08-25 04:20:38 | Anonymous writes:


My name is Martin. I have been in contact with the German seller twice over the last two years.

And no - no typo - this chap tries to sell the car since ages (two years) for a stunning 45000 Euros and not a penny less. The car is for restoration!
He claims to have bought the car from a formerly well known German restaurator and has driven the car in historic racing.
There is has crashed the car 6 times and claims that not much is left original (Front subframe renewed etc.) Also being asked for documentation to prove originality (tax certificate or title, he yet refused to tell me anything about - only had email contact with him).
However he advertises the car saying it must be the oldest E-Type remaining - which is absolute rubbish. I could find out his email address if someone is interested and maybe also his postal address. Would it not be good if this issue could be solved - maybe someone is buying this car for this hell lot of money?

@Mike - yes, I would be interested in pictures from 885013 (and of course in pictures from your other early Coupes & special details / changes as long as it is not too much effort for you) Also, as it seems that you collect these very early cars, you are most likely not interested in selling (any-) one of them (the worst example or so?). I am just interested - and also looking for such a car - could effort one in 1-2 years?

2006-08-25 04:46:26 | Anonymous writes:

Forgotten the car was again on Ebay this week - I think Lofty got the description therefrom.....
And not to be misunderstood - I do not mean that someone should buy the car but that potential buyers gets protected against buying this car! Therefore someone should address the truth or for discussion purposes the facts of 885013 to this German guy

2006-08-25 04:58:33 | Anonymous writes:

Last question: who posseses the title? Do you Mike?

2006-08-25 13:25:50 | Anonymous writes:

Yes I have a state of Californis title for the car and I am taking steps to obtain more documentation on the car. Once my efforts bear fruit the information will be public .Thanks Mike

2006-08-25 19:21:33 | Roger writes:

Look forward to learning more.

2006-09-01 03:23:06 | Baker writes:

Is the car now in Osnabruck / Germany as the XKED data reads?
And why is the color stated to be green if the picture shows yellow?

I am not sure how I should understand this whole thing.........

Nevertheless whoever posseses no. 13, more details are welcome like original color, interior etc.

2011-01-11 09:40:00 | Anonymous writes:

Had a friend of mine look at the car 2 years ago .He took a picture of the data plate which has the vin# and a later engine # only stamped on it, no body or transmission# . Mike Mueller

2012-12-02 16:32:54 | Stefan writes:

Dublicate is back...

Car being offered on again with a full restoration at 145.000,- Euro:



Jaguar E Type Coupe - Serie 1 Baujahr 1961 als Rennwagen mit FIA-Wagenpass -nach Anhang K -für historische Fahrzeuge. Wurde von 1991 bis 2000 bei Oldtimerrennen mit viel spass eingesetzt. Es ist der 13 gebaute Jaguar E als LHD und damit der vermutlich älteste noch existenzierende Jaguar E Nach der Restaration wieder ein sehr schönes Auto mit Siegerpotenzial Als Flat Flour Nr. 885013, derzeit in postgelb. Der Jaguar wird komplett neu aufgebaut, inkl. Technikrevision, vorgesehene Lackierung in mattschwarz, oder nach Wunsch des Käufers. Fertigstellung zum Saisonbeginn 2013. Zahlbar ist der Betrag erst bei Übergabe. Der Kaufpreis ist lediglich durch eine Bankbürgschaft abzusichern (Sicherheit für Käufer und Verkäufer)

This car's origine after import to Germany is from a former German dealer, who was once quite well established in the high price business (7 liter 500 hp V12 cars, etc.) but had at least two fires in his restoration shop. The last time the shop burned completely down with all client cars, parts, machinery, etc. but the insurance this time refused to pay out the compensation (maybe too often occured?) I reckon at least 20-30 cars died in this fire.
I visited his workshops 3 times and was once offered the restored body of 885025 but wthout papers. It had cooling guides from the lower bonnet part to the breaks. But the way of business from this dealer appeared to me not to be very "reliable" (body without papers) and "fair". He seemed to be quite arrogant. But that could also have been my personal perception....

So here we go. It seems that there are now 2 885013 cars being alive unless someone stops this guy from offering and selling this dublicate..... I would take on the fight if I were in possesion of 885013. But as the car is in Mr. Mueller's possession, he is the one who decide to deal with this appearance.

2013-01-02 03:19:53 | E-type Willem writes:

Again for sale in Germany for € 145K

2013-01-02 03:22:08 | Etype Willem writes:

Sorry Stefan, didn´t see your post.

This is not uncommon in the EU. When I imported my '62 FHC in NL I was arrested for trying to falsify car documents. It was only after I could proof that my car was totally matching numbers, and a call to Jaguar Heritage centre that I was sent home. It turned out that somebody else in NL had imported a car on this number, long time ago.

2013-05-17 16:28:38 | xke7 writes:

Vehicle offered at

Seller´s description:

Jaguar E-Type


185.000 EUR

MwSt. nicht ausweisbar

Sportwagen/Coupé, Gebrauchtfahrzeug

EZ 01/1961

1.000 km


235 kW (320 PS)


Hubraum: 3800 cm³
Anzahl Sitzplätze: 2
Anzahl der Türen: 2/3 Türen
HU: 03/1961
Farbe: Schwarz
Farbe der Innenausstattung: Schwarz


Jaguar E Coupe - Serie 1 / Nr.13
Der vermutlich älteste noch existierende Jaguar E steht zum Verkauf.

Baujahr 1961 als Rennwagen mit FIA-Wagenpass für historische Fahrzeuge.
Ca. 10 Jahre als GT-Rennwagen bei historischen Veranstaltungen gelaufen.
Als Siegerfahrzeug gebaut.

Es ist der 13 gebaute Jaguar E als LHD mit 320 PS.

Nach ca. 8 Jahren als Standfahrzeug wurde es Zeit das gesamte Fahrzeug wieder in fast neu aufzubauen.
Als Flat Floor Nr. 885013, derzeit in mattschwarz.
Für eine Stassenzulassung wurden die Stoßstangen angebracht.

Der Jaguar ist gerade 2012-2013 komplett neu aufgebaut worden inkl. Technikrevision.
Über 200 Bilder der Restauration vorhanden.
Der Jaguar S1 kann auch eine Strassenzulassung mit H-Kenzeichen erhalten.
Weitere Infos bei einer Kontaktaufnahme

Privatanbieter - Impressum:

49509 Recke, Deutschland

2013-05-19 20:45:56 | mike mueller writes:

buyer beware This car has been examined by Tom Haddock as it sat with 885009 on the right of 885013 and 885018 to the left of 885013 and will be used as a reference car in an upcoming early e book Tom had no concerns call me before purchasing 1 512 422 5508 mike

2013-05-21 10:02:46 | Stefan writes:

I trust that noone is willing to pay this amount of money for this "restoration". I have rarely seen such an ugly creation with white fenders and blackend windscreen chrome.
And even for No 13 this would be too much (imho).

Considering that this car cannot carry many early features, anyone buying this car would be stupid. Either someone is looking for any E-Type FHC, than there are many much nicer, better and in particular much cheaper cars on the market. Someone looking for such an early rarity should know about the details and should therefore be able to identify the car to be a fake.

But I am really curious. Unfortunately currently out of time as collection of an early hood has priority as well as renovating my and my cars new home.

2013-11-19 14:35:54 | pauls writes:

885013 is in the US, not in Germany. The black car being sold in Germany may simply be a misread of the car stampings, a poor stamping or both. If a buyer should accept the car as 885013 they could be in grave danger of loosing the car if its identity were ever to be challenged. All would welcome a 3rd party inspection of the car, perhaps we could help the seller or a buyer discover the car's correct identity.

2014-01-11 01:29:04 | Bram writes:

I examined this german car, no early features, VIN plate not original, non matching, Mike Mueller in texas owns the real car #885013

2014-02-04 17:25:43 | H. Steiner writes:

Car on sale in Germany: ...



Jaguar E Coupe - Serie 1 NR.13 als LHD

Baujahr 1961 als Rennwagen mit FIA-Wagenpass für historische Fahrzeuge.
Es ist der 13 gebaute Jaguar E als LHD
Als Flat Flour Nr. 885013 in mattschwarz.
Der Jaguar wurde komplett restauriert und neu aufgebaut, inkl. Technikrevision.
ca. 250 Bilder der Restauration vorhanden.

Der Jaguar Nr. 71 wurde bei einer Auktion im Zustand 3 für 167000 EURO verkauft

Preis: € 158`000.---

2014-02-10 13:10:58 | Stefan writes:

I love this car - I really do!

It is the most ugly E-Type I have ever seen, it is a fake, the seller is a jerk and according to my memories the dealer the car came from..... well, let me put it in my words; I wouldn't borrow him a penny. He once offered me the body of 885025, but without documents....
And his workshop completely burnt down with as many as 20 high class classics and many many parts. There have been really rare things in his Workshop. And the insurance rejected payments. But no further details are known....

2014-02-10 16:35:57 | Michael DeBacker writes:

Mark Miller had 885013 and 885018 stored in one of my aircraft hangars in central California when both cars were owned by him. Mark sold both cars to Mike Mueller in Texas. Mike had both cars picked up from that hangar and shipped to Texas. Mark offered the choice of either to me but I decided on a 4.2 coupe being I intended to drive the car. I looked over both cars carefully when I was considering them and can testify that both 13 & 18 are the genuine cars. (Being I already owned 875318 I was familiar with the early production differences).

2014-03-26 14:37:23 | xke7 writes:

1961 Jaguar E Type FHC (BA)
Total restoration of chassis number 885013

Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total restoration to original specification of an extremely rare outside bonnet latch FHC. This car will be restored in its original factory livery of Opalescent Dark Blue with Biscuit interior.

Opening report - March 26, 2014

We will have this exciting project underway in the next few days...

2015-03-02 10:23:40 | Stefan writes:

The unbelievable has happended. According to the JAguar E-Type magazine Feb. 2015 Mike Mueller has sold 3 of his 4 OSB FHC. An another source said, that he even sold no. 4 as well as he was simply offered too much money for the cars. The holy grail of early OSB FHCs has given them all away.....

The article also said that 2 of these cars will be restored and subsequently auctioned. Estimated price from the auctioneers: Between 1 - 1.7 mio US$ --> this is a hammer!

2015-03-02 10:34:33 | Stefan writes:

The estimated price range was meant per car - not both together!!!

2015-03-02 13:08:05 | Maikel writes:

And again the fake for sale

2015-03-02 13:20:12 | Maikel writes:

kannst du mir sagen wo ich den Artikel lesen kann?

2015-03-02 14:09:34 | Stefan writes:

Hi Maikel,

It was in the E-Type Club Magazine......

2015-07-01 08:13:22 | Anonymous writes:

Another try to sell this car

2015-07-02 22:11:18 | Stefan writes:

With increasing price tag...

Hope no one buys this bunch of shit due to the lies in the advert!

2015-07-03 15:39:20 | Stefan writes:

Just addressed this to Ebay support. Will see, what the result will be...

2017-12-17 22:35:42 | Anonymous writes:

Restoration startet on 21 April 2014 at classicjaguar in Austin Texas. Short before completion (over 2 1/2 years). Very detailed, very original, some few misses: tank / tank sump / one seat runner had to be reproduced as could not be sourced, which is fair enough. But apart from that great work resulting in a real beauty!

2019-07-21 11:51:50 | Kyle writes:

If you ever decide to sell your e type or if you know of any please let me know. My father and I are building our car collection. Thanks 

Kyle (619) 561-3182

2022-07-26 22:08:03 | xke7 writes: ...

Jaguar E-Type

Oldtimer jaguar E type bonnet flat floor

960.000 €

Technische Daten


960.000 €


Sportwagen / Coupé


1.000 km





Fahrzeugbeschreibung laut Anbieter

verkaufe einen von 17 LHD Vorserienfahrzeugen. wer sich mit diesen Fahrzeugen nicht auskennt, der sollte schnell weiterklicken und seine Kommentare sparen.

bin seit 1988 im Besitz dieses seltenen Fahrzeuges. top restauriert, mit Zulassung in DE. Keine Infos ohne Namen Telefonnummer.


Inserat bereitgestellt von:Zu eBay Kleinanzeigen


DE-49509 Recke


2022-08-03 16:16:26 | Stefan writes:

Seems still to be in the US at the Peterson museum and not in Germany!

2022-08-21 01:05:13 | xke7 writes: ...

Fahrzeugbeschreibung laut Anbieter

Für die Kontrollierenden: privates Angebot meines seit 1988 in meinem Besitz befindlichen Jaguars.!!

wurde von mir Anfang dieses Jahrhunderts in der GTM gefahren. da mehrere Motorschaden entstanden, hat dieser Jaguar nicht mehr den originalen Erstmotor .

komplett neu aufgebautes flat floor - Bonnet - Vorserien Jaguar E. LHD. Einer von 17 Vorserienfahrzeugen.

wer einen solchen seltenen Jaguar nicht kennt, der sollte schnell weiterklicken und dumme Kommentare ersparen.

Weitere Infos und Bilder nur bei Angabe des Namens und Telefonnummer. "Sehleute" dürfen sich gerne an den Bildern erfreuen.

Ps: Das letzte Vorserienfahrzeug dieses E-Type's wurde für 1.3 Mio $ in den Staaten verkauft.

2024-02-18 01:43:43 | Anonymous writes:

The fake 885013 is still for sale in Germany from this untrustworthy, rude and ruthless seller. Now abusing a picture from the original car. He is abvertising the car as Jaguar E-Type "bonnet"

Price: 750.000,- Euro upwards. Alledegly an OBL was sold in UK at 1.056.000,- Euro. Not heard of any sale. And 860001 was not sold even after the price was reduced! 61.

restauriert im Zustand 2+.

Bilder und Infos nur bei Namensangabe, Adresse und Telefonnummer.

es wird einer von 20 lhd Vorserien Fahrzeugen verkauft. Bin seit 1989 im Besitz des Jaguar bonnet. Kaufpreis :vb. ab 750000 €. 

es wurde gerade in England ein vergleichbares vorserienfahrzeug - rhd- für 1056000 € verkauft. 

Wer mit einem Jaguar 

Bonnet E type nichts anfangen kann, der sollte sich darüber nicht ärgern und weiter suchen.

die "Sehleute" können abschalten.der Jaguar ist verkauft. ?

2024-02-18 01:45:17 | Anonymous writes:

Link to the above advert:

2024-02-18 02:06:13 | Anonymous writes:

I have now addressed this topic to ebay:

Dieser Wagen ist ein Fake, eine Kopie, eine Dubletten und existiert als Original in den USA. Das weiß der Verkäufer und bietet trotzdem den Wagen weiterhin an! Nun nur nicht mehr offensiv mit der Fahrgestellnr (885013), die es wie gesagt als Original in den USA gibt. Dieser Wagen hat keinerlei Merkmale des Originals! 

Jetzt nutzt der Verkäufer auch noch ein Originalfoto von der Restaurierung des Originals:

Wenn Sie weiterhin dieses Angebot bestehen lassen, machen Sie sich mitschuldig und können von zukünftigen Käufern auf Schadensersatz verklagt werden

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