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 3.8 Jaguar E-Type Black
 Open Two Seater Red
 Left Hand Drive 
 875318 1961
 1961 United States
 1962 Black
 2013 Red
 Awaiting Rest. 
 Original Scotts Valley
United StatesUnited States
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Record Creation: Entered on 28 November 2010.

Originality: Noted for being in "original condition"


Record Changes

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2011-05-11 00:53:53 | XKE Data writes:

The record was updated:

  • Note About Originality was added: 1
  • Current City was added: Scotts Valley
  • 2012-02-13 05:01:50 | XKE Data writes:

    The record was updated:

  • Last Seen was changed from 2010 to 2012
  • Registration number location (raw data): was added: United States!CA|
  • 2013-04-01 12:32:34 | XKE Data writes:

    The record was updated:

  • Registration number location (raw data): was deleted, old value was: United States!CA|
  • 2013-09-30 01:15:29 | XKE Data writes:

    The record was updated:

  • Last Seen was changed from 2012 to 2013
  • Factory Delivery Year was added: 1961
  • Factory Dispatch Year was added: 1961
  • Factory Build Year was added: 1961
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    2010-12-06 13:00:07 | Anonymous writes:

    Untouched, completely original.

    2011-05-10 18:10:08 | Michael DeBacker writes:

    Stored since 1975, completely original & untouched, never any damage.

    2011-09-27 14:21:55 | Michael DeBacker writes:

    Most (if not all) side latch cars sold new in California were titled as 1962 year models. The headlight buckets (sugar scoops) are painted body colour (black in this case).

    2012-11-15 01:46:31 | Will writes:

    Is this car for sale by any chance ? :)

    2012-11-15 15:30:19 | DOC writes:

    What a WASTE...Jags are to be driven......

    2013-03-31 01:04:14 | Michael DeBacker writes:

    875318 A Brief History & Future Plans

    875318 was taken off the road in 1975 in the Sacramento area by it's then owner because the oil pressure was reading low. The oil pressure was actually good but the diagram in the sender unit had hardened hence the low reading on the pressure gauge (this is a common problem with the original sender units). The car is titled as a 1962 and has Black & Gold California plates. The hardtop is from a S1 4.2 and is being stored on the car. The side latch cars never had the mounting brackets for a hardtop, (as far as I am aware 875003 is the only early car to leave the factory with a hardtop and the brackets are unique to that car). I intend to start restoring the car once I have a restoration facility built on my property (I'm planning on doing restoration work on cars & aircraft after I retire from technology). The car is not for sale.

    2013-03-31 04:17:13 | Stefan writes:

    So is it then for sale? Just kiddin....

    But congrats for such an hopefully very original car. In particular bonnet (I am currently looking for an welded-in louvers bonnet - very tricky!) and dates on electrical items (here I am also looking for an windscreen wiper from early 1961).

    Do you have the Nivocode brake reservoir caps? Does the car feature the early windscreen chrome? And the trunk hinges must be the double kind style types, right?

    I hope you can start earlier with restoration and fingers crossed, the body is in decent condition!

    Good luck!


    2013-03-31 22:01:40 | Michael DeBacker writes:

    The inset louver bonnets had several differences besides the separate louver panels and external latches... the main other difference being that the brackets for the air ducts are spot welded in rather being installed with seam sealer like the later 3.8's and 4.2's had. This car has the original round fluid reservoirs but I'm not sure what type of caps it has. The trunk hinges are the double blade type. This car has the thinner lower windshield chrome, the thick chrome strip was changed to the thinner type a few cars before this, the parts book lists the chassis numbers for when the change was made. This is an untouched matching number car, fortunately none of the date stamped components were changed, it should be easy restoration.

    2013-09-19 10:56:47 | John R writes:

    Considering recent auction prices it must be worth a small fortune now just as it sits considering its history and original condition... I'm sure you would have a lot of interest if you did decide to sell it (including from myself).

    2013-10-06 08:38:53 | Stefan writes:

    Only the RHD OSB roadsters are rocketing. The LHD OSB are doing also quite well but not as good as the RHD cars. Simply because the UK is THE country, where the E-Type is THE icon.

    Beside this fact there is also a difference between 8750xx and 8753xx. But yes, an original car of the early batch is really rare and therefore very adorable.

    Good luck!

    2013-10-09 18:47:20 | Michael DeBacker writes:

    It's interesting how the early cars are so much more sought after when the later series 1 cars are so much more comfortable to drive. By early I'm referring to the cars with the coveted flat floors and a straight panel behind the seats. Anyone who has actually drove a flat floor car any distance will realize why the factory installed foot wells and dished the panel behind the seats for more seat movement. The series 1 4.2's is far more drivable especially considering the full synchromesh transmission and better seats. By far the most comfortable series 1 E-type I have driven is a 4.2 coupe. The coupes are my favorite version of all the XK Jaguars (I have several open & closed S1 E's & 120's in my collection including 875318). The one thing that's missing with the coupes is the "wind in the toupee" feeling but after over 40 years of driving and flying open cars & aircraft the coupes have a special appeal to me.

    2013-11-25 09:30:33 | Anonymous writes:

    The value of this car must have doubled in the last year alone, no wonder your hanging on to it....

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