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 3.8 Jaguar E-Type 
 Fixed Head Coupe 
 Right Hand Drive 
 860019 November 1961
 1961 Opalescent Gunmetal
 2011 Red
 Rest: Nice 
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2011-01-25 11:06:45 | pauls writes:

Below reproduced courtesy of the Ole Sommer's Automobile Museum, Denmark.

Chassis 860019 was the first E-Type shipped to Scandinavia and had a long succession of Swedish owners of whom the last carried out a beautiful 17-year-restoration during which the steering wheel was moved to the left hand side.

Owners of Jaguar FHC E Type, Chassis No. 860019. Originally right hand drive but changed to left hand drive

1. 29/11 1961, Litoprint AB, Karusellen, Stockholm
2. 25/9 1962, AB Parex, Sandbäckgatan, Karlstad
3. 18/10 1963, Roland Andersson, Fellingsbro
4. 31/10 1966, Lien & Jonsson AB, Kronobergsgatan, Stockholm
5. 1/11 1967, AB Rolf Haider, Birger Jarlsgatan, Stockholm
6. 7/12 1967, Donald Douglas, Pontoniergatan, Stockholm
7. 16/9 1969, Sven Erik Lindeberg, Inedalsgatan, Stockholm
8. 21/4 1971, Sven Lindahl, Västmannagatan, Stockholm
9. 30/6 1971, Leif Lundin, Nybygård, Danmark, Uppsala
10. 3/8 1971, Stig Kihlen, Götg, Uppsala
11. 5/10 1971, Leif Lennart Holm, Källbov, Uppsala
12. ? ? ?
13. 30/8 1974, Kurt Jansson, Barkarby (Stockholm)
14. 21/2 1979, Lars-Olov Femtvik, Furudalsvägen, Uppsala
15. 29/4 1983, Roger Backman, Skogsrundan, Karlskoga
16. 14/8 2000, Sommers Veteranbil Museum, Nærum, Danmark

2011-01-26 02:37:45 | Anonymous writes:

Can we please document, that this car was first claimed to be 885019 from Pekka T. ?!

This is very important in regard of the discussions around 885017. Without any critics this "expert" claimed here that the car is a real outside bonnet latch but doubts it on the other hand on a car with much more information and facts. I do not know his motivation, but he failed on both cases with his analysis!!!

I will provide further documentation soon on 885017 (I had a friend visiting the car last week), According to the first note I received from him the car is not anymore for sale. What I read out is that the owner withdrew the car and NOT because the car is supposedly a fake....... But I will clarify this in the next few weeks.

2011-01-27 04:16:09 | Pekka T. writes:

HI, that's really cool, before you start calling other people names, why not come out of your anonymity and use your real identity for a first. Secondly the information I had submitted was based on the facts I had available:

1. The car is/was presented in one the world's finest Jaguar collections and museums, and the plaque in front of the car told me that it was "number 19." and "the first Jaguar E-type to ever enter the Scandinavian markets" .

2. The car was/is LHD and although I talked with the owner, Mr. Ole Sommer, who was the Jaguar distributor for Denmark for many decades, about the car and he did tell me it had been restored and lead me to believe that the bonnet had been replaced, but did not tell me that the steering had been changed.

So please tell me how was I supposed to guess that the car was not LHD to begin with?

I know very well that Sweden was a RHD country until 1967, but nothing on that plaque or anything visible on the car itself implied that it was delivered new in Sweden, so I presumed it would have been delivered new in Denmark, like most Jaguars in the collection from 1950 to 1980.

I have absolutely on interest in becoming an "expert" on outside bonnet latch FHC's, only to document interesting Jaguars, especially those originally delivered in the Nordic, or if you wish, Scandinavian countries. Even less so if I would then have to come in contact with people like you on a daily basis, I prefer to direct my enthusiasm to my local club and the cars I have.

My submitted information and picture had NOTHING to do with 885017, I have not seen that car, but have only suggested that those people who have, would submit the real documented information they have and any photos that would support it. Best would be of course any registration documents and/or a JDHT certificate.

So why not submit the information you have, or would you prefer to keep it to yourself? If that's the case, why not leave the rest of us alone so we can continue to add value to these wonderful websites, ok?

Good day to you sir!
Pekka T.

PS. I have a thick enough skin not to consider your "message" as degradatory and kindly ask Roger to remove it. I simply consider that you just don't have very good manners and will leave it alone, after all this whole episode is a great example of how carefully all information must be verified, and I for one am very glad that all the real details have now been revealed. Anyone looking for 885019 please go ahead and continue your search!

PS. 2 Thanks to Jim Patten, Paul Spurlock, Lillian Bech and Ole Sommer for getting the correct details out!

2021-07-16 02:06:26 | Chris Eddy writes:

So is #19 a genuine OBL car or not ...??

2021-07-19 06:43:42 | Stefan writes:

@Chris Eddy:

885019 would be, 860019 is not.

LHD FHC OBLs: 885001-885020

RHD FHC OBLs: 860001-860004

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