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2013 Calendars

Our 2013 E-Type and XK calendars are available now at Cafe Press Zazzle! For every calendar you purchase, $5 goes towards the upkeep and hosting of these sites (the other $15 20 we never see). This is our major fundraising effort each year and we appreciate your interest. We do regret the cost, but print-on-demand services are expensive, and we don't sell enough to warrant our own press run.

We especially thank the photographers for allowing us to use their photos. Follow the links below:

2013 xkedata Fundraising Calendar
2013 XKEdata Fundraising Calendar by carcrux
2013 XKdata Fundraising Calendar
2013 XKdata Fundraising Calendar by carcrux


I have left customization options open, so if you really want to, you can upload your own car photo for one or more of the months, though it will not get the caption along the bottom. You can read a bit about the process and the switch to Zazzle here.

Zazzle does ship internationally. If you have any questions about your order, please get in touch with their customer service department.

Note that a photo or two may change if an extraordinary circumstance arises. The images shown at Zazzle at the time of your order will generally be the ones shown on your calendar!