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Front amco bar on a 1964 S1 OTC 3.8l ?

(From the Anything E-Type forum.)

2007-05-05 14:31:11  |  MaryAnn writes:

Was a front amco bar standard or optional on a 1964 S1 OTC 3.8l?

2007-05-06 01:49:06  |  Mark writes:

Amco bars were a popular aftermarket item, usually sold through accessory retailers in the U.S. such as Vilem B. Haan and MG Mitten. It's possible that some cars left the dealership with these installed, but to my knowledge they were never offered by the factory.

2007-07-16 20:06:13  |  Anonymous writes:

The Amco bars were aftermarket, but since they were often a dealer installed item they are considered correct for JCNA judging purposes.

2007-08-07 12:17:15  |  Tom writes:

I too have been torn with keeping mine on. It seems many look great without, but then I see one that just looks smashing.
One thing, it does add to all the chrome going on already. God forbid if ya have to have a front tag. Gets sort of busy.
I juess its all personel preferance.

2007-08-13 14:10:36  |  Bob writes:

I had one on my blk 70 and it looks better off in my opinion

2007-08-14 14:06:21  |  Tom writes:

Yes the Jaguru tells me definitly after market and you won't find the part in the original parts catalogue. The funny thing he told me it was added to jags to give em a fighting chance up aginst a 60,s Cadi or Buick back in the day. If I plan to drive the car, like every day, I better keep em on; otherwise they are not correct and a sharp judge will knock off concourse pionts for wearing one.
Mine are gone and will be sold on eBay soon. Over riders are toast and probably be better off buying new ones or used and have the Amco screw holes filled and rechromed.

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